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What Are The Effects Of Minor Agreement

8) No insolvency: Due to the minor`s inability to enter into debts and taxes on the minor`s personal property, he is not personally liable, which means that he cannot be held insolvent 6) The estoppel rule: Estoppel is a rule that can hold liable a party who started doing something before he entered into a contract as part of the consideration. This rule cannot be applied to minors. A person who is not yet of legal age is a minor. A person reaches the age of majority when he reaches the age of 18 under normal conditions. However, if a child has been cared for by a court-appointed guardian, the age of majority is 21. Children who are raised in orphanages, for example, are 21 years of majority. [3] In such cases, the age of majority does not occur until the age of 21, even if the guardian dies or ceases to act. A contract concluded by the guardian of a minor for his benefit: in this case, the minor who is a promise can sue the party in distress if one of the parties does not keep his promise. In Great American Insurance v. Madan Lal, the guardian entered into an insurance contract on behalf of the son regarding dismissal for the minor`s property. If the property was damaged, the minor`s compensation was called into question, the contract was rejected by the insurer due to the minor`s inability to conclude a contract. However, it was later determined that this contract was enforceable and that the insurer was liable to the guardian.

Contract law excludes a minor from becoming a shareholder because he is unable to conclude the contract. However, if a minor has accidentally become a shareholder, the company or company has the right to cancel the agreed transaction. However, he (minor) can become a shareholder on behalf of his guardian. In addition, minors cannot actually acquire shares of the company, it is necessary that such shares be given or transferred to him, for which he is not personally responsible. The guardian has the right to protect and protect the shares of minors. A miner can draw, support, negotiate and deliver instruments and can bind everyone but himself. [16] This protects the minor from any liability. Thus, minors, people with an unhealthy mind and legally disqualified people are covered by the contract. the age of majority is 18, but if a guardian is appointed, he or she is 21.

The court held that no agreement is a contract unless the parties have jurisdiction under article 10. It is clear from sections 10 and 11 of the Indian Contracts Act that a person who is ashamed of having early childhood cannot enter into a contract within the meaning of the Indian Contracts Act. Therefore, the agreement of a minor is void from the outset and cannot be enforced by either party. A minor can only be hired as an apprentice if his guardian has entered into a contract with the employer on his behalf.[18] These contracts are binding on minors. A minor may become an agent, but he is not liable to his client for the acts he commits.[5] Therefore, a minor cannot be held personally liable for his negligence. The customer is only liable to third parties and the minor is free from any liability. However, a minor cannot be a principal. [6] In a partnership, minors can only be admitted as partners with the consent of all and must only be endowed with the benefits of the company, not the responsibilities.

[7] If the minor has fulfilled his obligation: In a contract, a person under the age of 18 cannot become a celebrity, but can be a promise […].


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