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Master Confirmation Agreement For Non-Deliverable Currency Option Transactions (European Style)

11 [x] Timely confirmation An OTC derivative contract shall be confirmed as soon as possible after the performance of the OTC derivative contract and may be performed and delivered by counterparty (including fax) or by telex exchange or by exchange of electronic messages over an electronic messaging system or by any other method deemed effective by the parties for the purposes of confirmation or proof of such a contract by mutual agreement mt is, is created. Derivative contract sufficient for all purposes to prove a binding OTC derivative contract and, in the case of a framework contract or a framework contract, a binding complement to that agreement (as described above). Until the parties execute and provide this agreement, this confirmation of mastery, as well as all other documents relating to the ISDA form that confirms the FX transactions concluded between us (notwithstanding the provisions to the contrary in a confirmation), completes an agreement in the form of the ISDA form, as if an agreement had been executed in this form (but without timing, with the exception of the following elections: (i) the law of New York as applicable law; (ii) U.S. law. . . .


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