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Canada Us Agreement On Government Procurement

The government procurement obligations of other trade agreements in which the Government of Canada participates continue to apply. It is strongly recommended that companies review the obligations under these agreements to ensure that they take into account all changes resulting from the repeal of NAFTA. In addition, most States have imposed certain restrictions on public procurement under these obligations, although in many cases all purchases are covered by public executive agencies. However, restrictions may exclude structural steels, motor vehicles and coal. On the WTO website you will find information on sub-central government agencies that obtain in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement (DOC, 80 KB, 6 pages). Existing Buy America requirements (i.e. Transport) linked to transfers from the federal government to the governments of the Länder for local transport, motorway projects and other means of transport continue to apply. These commitments relate to the purchase of goods, services and infrastructure construction projects (including the Non-Recovery Act). In accordance with the general rules of the WTO GPA, the obligation to obtain from U.S. states above certain thresholds applies: Global Affairs Canada is a leading source of information on trade negotiations and agreements. This Annex applies to entities exercising regulatory, advisory and quasi-judicial functions and to all government entities designated in accordance with the Provincial Commercial Enterprise Act in accordance with the Provincial Finance Act, with the exception: the information contained in this Article has not been immediately confirmed by government officials or provided by other information organizations.

However, on February 5, 2010, a number of news organizations indicated that an agreement on Buy American rules would soon be announced. According to Paul Viera of the National Post, in exchange for opening their markets, Canadian suppliers will have access to the government procurement market and will be able to offer on ARRA-funded programs and projects in the thirty-seven states covered by the AGP. However, the provinces will maintain restrictions on foreign health, education and correctional services. While the agreement is limited to ARRA-funded programmes and projects, negotiations for a broader agreement are ongoing. [50] On February 12, 2010, Canada and the United States signed an agreement allowing Canadian companies to participate in U.S. infrastructure projects funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This fact sheet has been prepared to provide an update on recent Canada-U.S. Government Procurement Agreement that addressed Buy American`s requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Canada proposes to include in this Annex « Construction Services » the federal authorities listed in Schedule 1, the sub-central entities listed in Schedule 2 and the federal works, undertakings, undertakings and undertakings listed in Schedule 3.

The inclusion of `construction services` for sub-central undertakings in Annex 3 must first be specified on 15 April 1994 or before 15 April 1994, with the final list to be submitted within eighteen months of the conclusion of the new agreement on government procurement. . . .


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