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3.6 By submitting or uploading your Content, you also agree to abide by the terms of any open source licenses that may apply to your User Content. 14.2 General. These Terms of Use, including all documents expressly incorporated by reference thereto, constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior or simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, in writing or orally, with respect to their subject matter. The use of the paragraphs in these Terms of Use has only a function of clarity and has no influence on the interpretation of any provision. Any use of the singular should reasonably be interpreted as including the plural and vice versa. Unless otherwise stated, any use of « including » or « how » shall be construed as meaning « including, but not limited ». If any part of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the unenforceable part shall take effect to the extent possible and the remaining parts shall remain in full force and effect. Failure to require performance of any provision shall not affect our right to demand performance at any later time, nor shall we waive any breach, non-performance of these Terms of Use or any provision of these Terms of Use, waiver of any subsequent infringement or delay or waiver of the provision itself. In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and almost everywhere else, from South Africa to Australia, the website terms and conditions are considered standard business practices. An agreement with general conditions of sale is not mandatory by law. One of them, however, has a number of important benefits for you and your users/customers. Terms and conditions are not a legal requirement, but they are essential for safeguarding your rights and protecting your business. Therefore, it is in your best interest to create a template for the terms and conditions of your services and display the agreement on your website.

13.3 Any arbitration proceedings between you and DigitalOcean shall be governed in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act and administered by the American Arbitration Association (« AAA ») in accordance with its Consumer Arbitration Rules (« AAA Rules ») as amended by these Terms of Use. AAA rules and registration forms are available online at www.adr.org by calling the AAA at 1-800-778-7879. The arbitrator has the exclusive authority to settle all disputes relating to the interpretation, applicability or application of this binding arbitration agreement. If your website allows users to post publicly available content, you may want to include a similar section in your terms. 14.6 Consent to Electronic Communications. By using the Sites and/or Services, you agree to receive certain electronic messages from us as set out in our Privacy Policy. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more about our electronic communication practices. You agree that all communications, agreements, disclosures or other communications that we send to you electronically will meet all legal communication requirements, including written form. Clickwrapped.com evaluates 15 companies with respect to their policies and practices with respect to the use of user data, disclosure of user data, modification of terms, closure of user accounts, requirement for arbitration, set-off of fines for users, and clarity. . . .


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