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Aqabah Agreement

The continued dissemination by these six people proved fruitful and a group of Yathrib residents embraced Islam. During the twelfth year of the prophetic mission, another group, consisting of twelve people, came from Yathrib and met the Prophet in Aqabah and concluded the first Islamic agreement. The best known of these people were As`ad bin Zurarah and `Ubadah bin Samit. While the oath of Abul Haytham said: « O Prophet of Allah! We made pacts with the Jews, and now there is no choice but to ignore them. It would therefore not be appropriate for you to leave us to join your own people. The Prophet replied, « If you have made a peace agreement with someone, I think it is respectable. » Suddenly, the news of the second agreement in Aqabah fell under it like a grenade. The leaders of the administration of idolatry inquire about the fact that, in the darkness of the previous night, seventy-three people belonging to Yathrib had reached an agreement with the Prophet, that they would defend him in the same way that they defended their children. There was a great riot among the Muslims of Yathrib. They eagerly awaited the arrival of the Hajj season, so that in addition to organizing hajj ceremonies, they had to see up close the prophet and declare their readiness to render any service to Islam and to broaden the scope of the agreement, both in terms of quantity and quality. Then Abul Haitham interrupted At-Taihan and said, « O prophet of everything! There are agreements between us and the Jews, and we will separate them. If Allh grants you power and victory, we should expect you not to leave us and join the ranks of your people (i.e. Quras)? The Prophet smiled and answered: The two main Arab tribes of Madinah were Banu Khazraj and Banu Aws.

They were great enemies of each other and fought many battles. The resulting massacres and disagreements, particularly after the Battle of Bu`ath (617), involving all clans (including Jews), made them understand that tribal conceptions of the war of blood and eye were no longer feasible, unless there was a man capable of deciding in the disputed cases. At that time, Bura` bin Ma`rur stood up and said, « By Allah! If there had been anything else in our hearts than what we said with our language, we would have expressed it.


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