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Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement Certificate Of Origin

1. Each party adopts or maintains competition laws that prohibit anti-competitive business practices in order to promote economic efficiency and consumer well-being. An importer of NZ may apply for preferential tariff treatment on the basis of a certificate of origin, declaration of origin or other sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the products comply with the applicable rules of origin. At the request of the law, an importer seeking preference must be able to provide sufficient evidence to justify the claim. 1. Each party publishes, without delay or by any other means, the publication of international agreements relating to the trade in services of which it is a signatory or by any other means. For other questions about free trade agreements, E-Mail-export2fta@customs.govt.nz – we will endeavour to respond to emails within 48 hours. However, products classified in chapters 61 and 62 of the HS code (clothing) have different requirements. The exporting producer is required to obtain a certificate of origin from the Hong Kong Ministry of Trade and Industry in China or from a state-recognized certification organization in Hong Kong, China. (c) limiting the total number of service operations or the total amount of services, expressed in the form of digital units designated as quotas or requirements for an economic needs test;4 1. The litigants may agree that the arbitration tribunal will suspend its proceedings at any time for up to 12 months from the date of this agreement. If the work of the Court of Arbitration is suspended for more than 12 months, the power to create the tribunal expires, unless the contracting parties agree otherwise. (a) to rely on existing trade and economic cooperation agreements or agreements; and 13.

The contracting parties provide, in accordance with their national legislation, that when an importer asserts duties at the time of importation, the importer may comply with the provisions of this chapter and would therefore have been late for preferential tariff treatment: without being able to submit a declaration or certificate of origin or any other evidence provided for in paragraph 12, in accordance with national law or within one year of the date of importation, requests the reimbursement of all excess duties paid as a result of the unreserved preferential tariff treatment, upon presentation of: 4. The parties to the dispute jointly mandate the appointment of the third arbitrator within 15 days of the appointment of the second arbitrator. The appointed member presides over the Arbitral Tribunal. Packaging materials and containers in which a quantity of goods is packaged exclusively for transport are not taken into account in determining whether the goods are of origin. 1. This chapter applies to all goods exchanged between the parties, regardless of the origin of those products. Unlike AANZFTA, goods exported from New Zealand to Malaysia under the MNZFTA do not require a certificate of origin issued by an NZ certification body.


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