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This Theory Of Knowledge Considers Truth As Based On Agreement

For example, it is the idea that we first create new knowledge or knowledge acquisitions from interaction with other people rather than with the natural world — basically, my knowledge that something might be painful or sad is not the result of my observation of naturalness, but a product of social interaction, and when I have seen how others feel pain or sadness. For truth itself is a product of social for social constructivists. Tarski`s complete theory must act for (almost) all sentences, expressed in non-problematic declarative phrases, not only « snow is white ». But he wants a finite theory, so that his theory may not simply be the infinite series of sentences T. Tarski also wants his theory of truth to reveal the logical structure in sentences that allows valid reasoning to preserve the truth. To do all this, the theory must work for more complex sentences, showing how the truth values of these complex sentences depend on their parts, such as the truth values of their constituent sentences. The tables of truth show how this happens for the simple language of the Propositional Logic (for example.B. the complex phrase expressed by « A or B » is true, according to the picture of truth, if and only if sentence A is true, or sentence B is true, or both are true). This view was expressed by Strawson (1949; 1950), although Strawson also argues that there are other important aspects of the linguistic act that are « true » beyond the so-called. For example, they may be acts of confirmation or attribution of what someone else has said. (Strawson would also object to me making sentences about the bearers of truth.) For more information on pluralism on truth, see Pedersen and Lynch (2018) and the article on pluralistic truth theories. A fourth objection is that theories of coherence focus on the nature of verifiability and not on truth.

They focus on the holistic nature of verification if a sentence is true, but do not address the main problem: « What is truth itself? » These restrictions require that each sentence have exactly the value of truth. Although the point is controversial, most philosophers add the following restriction that a sentence never changes its value from truth to space or time. Therefore, to say « the thesis that it was raining was true yesterday, but today false » is to answer and not really refer to a sentence. Similarly, if someone says at noon on January 15, 2000 in Vancouver that the thesis that it is raining is true in Vancouver, while it is false in Sacramento, that person really speaks of two different phrases: (i) that it rains in Vancouver on January 15, 2000 and (ii) that it rains in Sacramento on January 15, 2000 at 2 a.m.


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