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Specialty Contact Lens Agreement Form

After the basic tests, make sure that patients have no further questions about the adjustment period, the guarantees available and the exchange of lenses and how to manage the potential costs of the out of pocket. Once the patient agrees to the adaptation protocol, you can begin adjusting contact lenses with diagnostic lenses; The visit could be considered over if you decide to order empirically. Some practitioners prefer the patient to return for an appropriate second visit, while others perform the assembly on the same day. In our office, we measure a patient`s interest in a screening visit only in relation to an adaptation of the lenses and book time accordingly. Pre-OCT Segment: This is a fantastic tool for evaluating scleral contact lenses that go beyond what we can see with the slit lamp. The quantification of corneal and limbal vaults is remarkably useful for troubleshooting, as is monitoring corneal edema over time. I find this instrument particularly useful in the management of patients with corneal transplants in order to minimize the lens vault that maximizes oxygen transmission while ensuring a total absence of lenses by crossing the host of the transplant. Some additional tools can help you assemble custom lenses and repair them in the event of difficult changes. These procedures are also covered by health insurance when a medical diagnosis and an applicable plan are involved. Consider investing in these tools to develop your practice and know the impact of special contact lenses on the surface of your eyes: if your relationship with local professionals grows, prepare a template to send them back to information providers containing information about your results and the plan for your common patient. Respectful co-management will be a big part of their continued growth in practice. Like our fellow ophthalmologists after cataract surgery, you advise patients to their referral provider for services such as emergency goggles and red eye assessments, especially in cases that have nothing to do with their contact lens wear. 1.

Patient information. The first protocol that should be put in place is an appropriate service brochure or contract that describes both office responsibility and patient responsibility during the assembly process. This should be introduced and mentioned on the first visit. It is important for the patient to know the potential cost of the out-of-pocket and the number of visits required to evaluate the lens.


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