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Framework Agreement On Active Ageing And An Inter-Generational Approach

Since the establishment of social dialogue in Europe, nearly a dozen sectoral agreements have been concluded. The fault lies with the conflicting objectives of the social partners and the gradual disinvestment of the European Commission. EURACTIV France. Ensuring active ageing and an intergenerational approach requires a common commitment from employers, workers and their representatives, but the European Union and national authorities must also play a role in setting up the necessary support framework. At a time when Europe wanted to introduce its internal market, employment contracts seemed to be at the origin of the discussions, but thirty years later it can boast dozens of inter-professional agreements. Most of them were only agreed over a ten-year period, which shows a golden age gone by. Of the three framework agreements, which were then transformed into guidelines (on parental leave – 1995, amended in 2009, part-time work , 1997, temporary working time – 1999), followed separate agreements, applied at the national level and negotiated by the social partners themselves (on telework – 2002, work-related stress – 2004, harassment and violence in the workplace – 2007 and inclusive labour markets- 2010). « Our main concern is to ensure that employment contracts are truly relevant to economic and social development. For us, these two aspects are inseparable and must at the same time be developed taking into account the diversity of circumstances in Europe and their development. Increased productivity and job creation will enable us in the future to preserve the social well-being that characterizes Europe on a global scale, » said Maxime Cerutti, head of the social affairs department of BusinessEurope, one of Europe`s three employers` organisations.

The proposal to allow workers to be entitled to five days of paid care leave is more than welcome, as it will allow workers to deal with emergencies where a close relative suddenly needs their support and long-term care needs to be arranged for them. But five days will only take if there are enough long-term care facilities available to meet all the new care needs. That is why the proposal to allocate EU funds to the establishment of healthcare services is essential to help Member States cope with Europe`s ageing population. Investment in quality long-term care is essential to support work-life balance and gender equality. The inter-professional social dialogue allows the Commission to consult with recognised social partners, BusinessEurope, UEAPME and CEEP representing workers` representatives, as well as the ETUC, which represents trade unions, on social proposals. Unions and employers` organizations can also negotiate agreements on their initiative. On 8 March 2017, representatives of EU workers` and employers` organisations signed a framework agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach. After nine months of negotiations, this independent agreement is being implemented over a three-year period by the social partners at the national level. On 27 April, the AGE Europe platform and the European Parliament`s intergroup on ageing and intergenerational solidarity hosted a breakfast in the European Parliament on the occasion of the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity, with a presentation by European social partners on their framework agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach, as well as a discussion on what the EU and civil society can do to support active ageing and solidarity. between generations.


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