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Fence Property Line Agreement

Have you ever wondered where the exact line of your property begins or ends? Do you have to settle a border dispute with your neighbour? It`s amazing how many people don`t know where the exact edges of their boundaries are. Often, they have been lost during the many periods when their property has changed ownership over the years, or assumed that they correspond to existing fences or landscape boundaries. Confusion about ownership boundaries is the basis of many neighbourhood disputes, including interventions (or perceived interventions) on the property. This section contains information that allows you to determine the exact property lines, where you will find property lines and what you can do if your neighbour uses your property without authorization, either with account knowledge or without knowing it. The problem you have is actually very common, especially when old fences are replaced and new fences are installed without reference to a measurement. When a fence is installed within a land boundary, the placement of the fence effectively makes the closed land smaller and allows neighbours to use the land between the actual land boundary and the fence. For example, by installing a 3-foot fence inside your property, your neighbors may believe that the 3-foot land outside the fence is actually theirs and can plant hedges or expand their access accordingly. In particular, in the case of an access that invades your property, the continued use of this driveway by your neighbor may facilitate or become an unfavorable property. In this case, your use of your property is negatively affected and may give rise to litigation. In any case, if you sell your property, you must solve the problems caused by the fence laid.

If you have questions about border line agreements or other real estate issues, please contact an experienced lawyer at (914) 338-8050. For more information about our company, please visit www.betenskylaw.com. Most fences are built directly on the boundaries of the land, which means that the fence is owned by the owners on both sides of the fence. Therefore, its maintenance and, finally, replacement are the responsibility of both owners. If the tree members hang over the fence and in your belongings, you can cut these limbs legally, but only if it does not damage the health of the tree. Perhaps most importantly, the agreement must be reached with the country in order to be mandatory for successors and beneficiaries of the transfer.


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