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Edmonton Catholic Teachers Collective Agreement

8.2.1 The time allocated is defined as the time that departments allocate to teachers and in which they ask teachers: 12.1 Leave for personal reasons up to a maximum of three (3) calendar days per school year and is granted by contract to teachers from 30 September following: 4.2.3 In addition to the salary provided in point 3.2.2 , compensation is paid to designated teachers in the department as follows: This collective agreement is entered into in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, as amended from time to time, including, but not limited to, the Education Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Collective Education Act (PECBA) , the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Act. 11.2.6 If teachers are parents of the same child under point 11.2.1, parental leave may be taken by a teacher or shared by both teachers. In all cases, the service may grant parental leave to more than one of the child`s parents, but it is not required to grant parental leave. 2.7.1 The association and TEBA may at any time agree to negotiate revisions to the central points of the collective agreement. These changes will come into effect from the date the association and TEBA agree. Notwithstanding paragraph 10.5.2, the teacher may be entitled to sickness pay with maintenance pay under section 10 of the collective agreement for the period of illness or disability. 1.1 This collective agreement applies to anyone who requires a teacher`s certificate as a condition of employment in the department, with the exception of positions that must be excluded in local negotiations between the department and the association. 11.3.4 The service pays the part of the teacher`s benefits and contributes to the HSA amounts under Section 7.0 of the collective agreement for sixteen (16) weeks of maternity leave. 7.3.3 Amounts are used on a pro-rata basis for teachers less than full-time.

The remaining unutilized is presented for a total accumulation of two years. Teachers leave the department lose the balance. As of September 1, 2020, teachers who, under the letters of award, must teach simultaneously, regardless of their physical location, in two or more tasks, regardless of their physical location, will receive $1235,888 per year for the second program and for each other program taught.


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